Our Reviews

Our Reviews

Please note: We are currently not accepting new review requests for the foreseeable future.
We use a 5 star system and include half stars in that. If we feel we cannot give 3.5 stars or more we will contact the author first before posting so they can decide whether they want us to go ahead with the review or not.

Review Ratings
★★★★★ Loved it! Read this NOW.
4.5 ★★★  Really enjoyed it. Just not quite perfect. Would recommend it.
★★★ Liked it and would recommend it. 
3.5 ★★★ Enjoyable. Had some good bits, but probably wouldn't read again. May or may not recommend.
★★★ It was ok, had couple good bits, but probably wouldn't recommend it.
2.5 ★★ It’s ok but not something I would recommend
★★ Didn't like it, maybe had 1 good bit.
1.5 ★ Didn't like it, but finished it.
 Star Did Not Finish.

Please keep in mind that all reviews are of our opinion.
We will provide you with fair and honest reviews.

As a general rule, we sign ourselves up to review books, but if you want to submit your book to be reviewed, please tell us the genre, so we can decide who would be best to read the book and the page/word count so we can estimate how long it will take us to read the book.
Please remember that there are only two of us, we are both mothers to young children and also have deadlined books to review. So, although we will always try to review all books submitted to us, sometimes it may take us a while to get to it, or we may just simply have to decline to review, especially if there is a date to review by.

You can find us here: MJ's Book Blog and Reviews
email us at: mjbookblogandreviews@gmail.com
Thank You
Melanie & Jennifer

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