Monday, 30 April 2018

Release Blitz ***Heartbreaker by Pavan Kaur and Maddie Wade***


Release Blitz: Heartbreaker
by Pavan Kaur and Maddie Wade

Genre: Romantic Comedy


She is light, she is colour. Her beauty and innocent zest for life crack through the cold exterior of my heart shining a light on its shriveled darkness. I crave her touch, like a drug, a drug I can't give up. They call me the Heartbreaker, but the tables are about to turn.


I am not ready for love to tie me down. The pieces of my life are finally all coming together. 

Then I bump into a stranger and my life changes forever. He is everything I am not, but I crave his touch, the sound of his voice. Now I have to decide do I walkaway from the man I love or do I let the Heartbreaker win.

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