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Release BLitz & REVIEW ***The Sacred Truth by JL Long***

Title: The Sacred Truth
Series: Tactical Men #2
Author: JL Long
Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance
Published: September 29, 2016
The only failures in life are the mistakes you don’t learn from.

It was only supposed to be casual. Then I fell for her. Falling head first in love, only to have fear rip it out from underneath me. I severed us with my destructive words.

Correcting all the mistakes I’ve made is what I have to do, I just don’t know how. She does. She always knows what to do.

However, fate has a way of deciding things like this for us, doesn’t it?

This is part of the Tactical Men Series. It can be read as a standalone though we meet Nolan and Jenna in A Dance Worth Dancing.

**Warning- Intended for readers 18+. This book contains situations not suitable for all readers.


Review by: Jennifer
(4 Stars)

This is part two, and you MUST read the first book to even get what's going on in this story.

So we finished A Dance Worth Dancing knowing that Nolan and Jenna were somewhat a couple but they have some issues.... namely Nolan telling Jenna they should see other people. Now that Jenna has found the one man that makes her day start, how is she ever going to move on.

Nolan told Jenna a lie... he doesn't want to see other people. But he has his reasons for telling her that and breaking it off.  As is the way when you share friends, and those friends are getting married; you will run into your ex... even if you are trying to avoid them. 

Can Nolan get his head out of his rear end long enough to admit to Jenna that she is it for him and he can't live without her? Or will he continue to watch his life from the sidelines?

After reading A Dance Worth Dancing this is quite anti - climactic. While yes this is a really good story, just having the comparison makes this story pale. I give it 3.75 stars.
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JL grew up in a small town in Illinois. Not to be mistaken for Chicago. She currently resides in Kentucky with her husband, three children and their two fur-babies. She has lived an adventurous life…doing just that, living. JL is a hopeless romantic, who loves seeing love unwind before her eyes. When she can’t see that for herself with other people in real life, she writes it or reads it. Writing has been a part of her life since she was a little girl, along with being an avid reader. She will continue to write until the pen will not allow it anymore.
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