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Series Tour & REVIEWS ***Mountains & Men by R.C. Martin***

Series: Mountains & Men Series
Author: R.C. Martin
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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"I can't rave enough about this book. The chemistry between Millie and Sage jumps from the pages, and the sexy times are HOT." -Backstage Books (Encore Worthy)
"5 harmonious stars!! Beautiful and sexy...I was sucked into this book the minute I started reading and I didn't put it down until the end! Sage is not like your typical rock star book boyfriend. He's actually charming and down to earth which makes you fall in love with him more." -Alpha Book Club (Worthy of the Harmony)
“Sage continues to heat things up, on and off the stage!” Crystal's Crazy Book Ramblings (Worthy of the Dissonance)
“What a fantastic conclusion to this amazing.. sexy... smokin'... emotional series!!!” - Author Hayley Faiman (Worthy of the Melody)
He was arrogant. 
He was beautiful. 
He was to be her one night fix.
She was gorgeous. 
She was haunted.
She was to be his temporary muse. 
Millicent Valentine isn't looking for much when she walks into The Brew Cycle for a night out with friends. She isn't after love. Why risk the heartache when one night of unbridled passion will do the trick? Any handsome, willing male will do just fine. When she is introduced to the lead singer of Mountains & Men, she can't seem to take her eyes off of him. He’s an arrogant little shit—but it’s only one night, right?
Sage McCoy is always on the prowl, knowing he can get just about any girl in the room after a night on stage. When he’s introduced to Millie, there is no doubt in his mind that he has to have her. But when he gets her alone, she makes his heart sing and he’s convinced one night will never do.
When morning dawns, the knowledge that comes with the sun has Millicent kicking Sage to the curb—but he knows what he wants and he’s ready for the chase. 
His one night stand is worthy of an encore.

Review by: Jennifer
(4 stars)
So this was an introduction style novella, it focused on one couple, Sage and Millie; but we also "met" the other members of the band. Millie meets Sage one night when his band performed, and they proceed to have a one night, no strings type of fun. But when the light of day hits, both realize there is something more going on and Sage wants to see where it goes, where as Millie will make whatever excuse she can to not go there again even though she wants to badly. What happens when Sage comes to her rescue one night, will she put her silly worries about age difference aside?

This was a good intro to this series and I am ready to see what happens, and just who gets books. I give this 4 stars.

She is guarded.
She is inspirational.
She is worthy of more than an encore.
He is alluring.
He is confident.
He is more than she ever bargained for.
Her stubbornness battles against his persistence…
His optimism outshines her resistance…
And their song plays on.
Sage McCoy has always been the type of guy who goes after what he wants. For years, what he’s desired most is to see his band, Mountains & Men, become more than Saturday night entertainment at a local bar. He swears he’ll chase that dream until it comes true, or he’ll die trying. Now, he senses that he and his mates are on the precipice of something amazing, and he’s never wanted anything more.
Except, perhaps, Millicent Valentine—the woman he craves above all others.

Millicent Valentine believes in one absolute truth: Men always leave. Yet, despite her belief that Sage will eventually tire of her, she can’t help but indulge her desire for him. She makes up her mind that he can have her body, but he isn’t allowed her heart. Though, she never anticipated that the leading man of Mountains & Men would be so much more than the arrogant little shit she imagined him to be.

[Worthy of the Harmony is a continuation to Encore Worthy, so make sure you read that first! This is the second of four installments revolving around Sage and Millie. Intended for audiences 18+ years of age due to explicit language and sexual content.]

Review by: Jennifer
(4.5 stars)
So I read the prequel, and I do suggest that you read it before this, as it introduces the characters and this book pretty much picks up where the prequel leaves off. So we start this a couple weeks after Sage and Millie have met, and they are still "buddies" at this point. Both are totally falling though, but when a new band member comes into the picture, Millie lets her doubts get the better of her, and she runs. Will Sage let her go? Will he give up his chance of a lifetime?

So, thankfully I get to read the next story soon, as I HATE cliffys. We do get to see a bit more of why Millie has the doubts and feelings that she has. I want to give more but I really don't want to spoil anything. The sexy times though.... they were smoking freaking HOT! With some drama on the side, this was a really good read. I give this 4.5 stars.

He is loyal.
He is steadfast.
He is the home she never knew.
She is broken.
She is afraid.
She is worthy of his fight.
Millicent Valentine is a woman in love—and it scares the shit out of her. Pushing away the keeper of her heart felt like her only option, but it doesn’t take her long to realize she was wrong. She may be frightened to admit it, but to deny how much she needs him is a lie unworthy of the effort. 
Sage McCoy is a man on the brink of success—but living the dream isn’t enough anymore. So long as the woman he loves isn’t by his side, he knows he’ll never have it all. He won’t give up on her, but his resilience has only just begun to be tested.
Regret. Forgiveness. Loss. Love. The discordant sounds of reality write their song—but through the dissonance, their love plays on.
[Worthy of the Dissonance is NOT a standalone novel. It is to be read only AFTER you've read Encore Worthy and Worthy of the Harmony! Intended for audiences 18+ years of age due to explicit language and sexual content.]

Review by: Jennifer
(4 stars)
This is one of those stories that you MUST read the previous books, as the last one ended in a cliffy. So Worthy of Harmony book 1, ended with Millie ending things with Sage, and Sage having to leave for a six week tour. Sage isn't dealing with this absence and with the silence from Millie too well. When she is talked into going and surprising Sage half-way through, things don't really go the way that Millie had intended them to go, in fact, Sage storming off and leaving her, didn't really enter the plans. Will Millie get Sage to understand why she broke up with him? Or will Sage only understand that Millie has no faith and trust in their relationship?

So once again we find this ending in a cliffy, with of course a huge secret. I found myself not liking Millie for some of this, and then the author pulls out some huge drama that makes you understand why Millie thinks the way she does. This has some of the hottest sexy times, add the ton of drama and this gets 4 stars.

She is brave. 
She is worthy. She is the melody that he sings. He is daring. He is brilliant. He is the man of her wildest dreams. Sage McCoy is in the spotlight, and it's his time to shine. With open doors at every turn, Mountains & Men is on the verge of having it all—but life is about to change in ways this rock star never saw coming. Millicent Valentine has surrendered her heart completely, but falling in love was only just the beginning. With the awakening of a dream and the promise of things hoped for, she could have it all—but everything worth having comes at a cost. The mountain they face is one they must climb together—the hope of forever in reach, so long as neither one of them lets go. {Worthy of the Melody is NOT a standalone novel. It is the final installment to Sage and Millie's story, which begins in Encore Worthy!} 

Review by: Jennifer
(5 stars)
This is the conclusion to the series, and there really isn't a better way to say this, but you MUST read the previous books before this, as this book will make no sense if you don't. So in the previous book, Sage and the others in the band are starting to make it big. Millie has found out that she is pregnant, and now its just a matter of telling Sage, but something keeps Millie from telling him, she has no clue how he is going to react. Sage gets a visit from the past and when it hits the tabloids, will Millie see the truth or the story the media wants told? Will their forever be over before it even really starts?

When I started reading this I was unsure how the author would do four books for one couple without it being boring. But with enough drama, and some really hot sexy times, this turned out to be a really good story. I give this 5 stars.

I'm a born and bred Coloradan. While I now reside in Virginia, the land of the Rocky Mountains is where I've left a piece of my heart and where my characters come to life. When I'm not writing I'm reading; when I'm not reading I'm know how it goes! I also enjoy cooking, baking, crocheting, and jigsaw puzzles. Basically, I'm an old soul with a young heart, nonchalantly waiting for my prince to come.



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