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Release Blitz & REVIEW***Beast by Jordan Marie***

“I warned her I wasn't the man for her.

Now she'll learn what happens when you tempt an animal.”




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I warned her I wasn't the man for her.

Now she'll learn what happens when you tempt an animal.


I left my past behind me.

I ran.

I didn’t slow down and I didn’t look back.

I just couldn’t outrun the memories—or the nightmares.

I came to North Carolina to die.


I want to be left alone.

Which would have been fine, if she wasn’t here.

Hayden Graham claims to want the same thing I do—to be left alone.

But, she’s a thorn in my side.

The woman stumbles into one mess after another.

This time the mess she’s in puts her life and her unborn child in danger.

I’m barely existing—rotting from the inside out.

She’s a woman in distress, waiting for a Prince to save her.

I’m no Prince. I’m just a wounded animal.

A Beast.

She tastes like Heaven. She only adds to my Hell.

She makes me remember things I don’t want to remember.

Want things that I can’t have.

Hayden might just be the one to finish destroying me.



Review by: Jennifer
(5 stars)

HOLY CRAP! So for anyone that is even looking at these reviews, you probably know that this is part of a series, and as such should be read in order.... like book one on through to this one.... well Shafted could probably be left out, but that was ooo so yummy, so to make this journey into the world that Jordan Marie has created, just read them all, it will make it just that much better.

When we last saw Beast he was leaving the MC; broken and tired. His demons are beating him, weighing him down, and TBH, I don't blame him one bit. When he goes to N.C. where Skull has set him up, it also happens to be the place where Pistol's sister, Hayden, lives. Beast does not want this complication, he doesn't want Hayden or her unborn baby to become anything in his life, so he will push her away. Until one night she needs his help, and this starts the chaos that will ensue for the pair.

Hayden is broken, her nerves and anxiety issues only allow her to communicate with a small number of people, and for some reason Beast is one of those people. After a rocky start, the pair slowly get to know each other better, each working out the demons that haunt them, and banding together to try and keep Hayden and her baby safe. Will Beast be able to keep her safe?

There is so much going on in this story that I can not say anything else for fear of spoiling something. I have been a fan of Jordan Marie since Dragon and Nicole, and she is only getting better! This book was so freaking amazing, with one... tiny.... itty bitty exception. I am so ready for the next book! I give this 5 stars.



Michael doesn’t have that problem. He reaches up and pushes my bra out of the way. Freeing only one of my breasts, the other remaining in the twisted fabric. Cool air hits my nipple, and I moan as a second later his mouth captures it, greedily sucking it into his mouth. He keeps his mouth there, sucking and pressing the nipple to the roof of his mouth, then teasing it with his tongue. At the same time his hand comes back down. He moves to my hips where he pulls me in closer and grinds me against his hard erection.

Sometime last night he changed from his jeans into cotton jogging pants. I liked them. I appreciated them. They hung low on his hips and he totally rocked them. He was mouthwatering and very warm when he snuggled against me. Right now, I appreciate them for a completely different reason. They’re soft and stretchy over the rigid outline of his hard cock, allowing it to press against my center at just the right angle. It pushes against my pussy hitting my clit when he pulls me down. My body trembles as desire shoots through me.

"Ride me, Hayden. Ride me,” he urges around my breast, before his hands palm my ass and his fingers bite into my skin. “Fuck baby, ride me.”


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