Thursday, 17 November 2016

Release Blitz & REVIEW***Chub Rub by Shannon Youngblood***


Title: Chub Rub
Author: Shannon Youngblood
Genre: Erotic Suspense
Release Date: November 17, 2016


1. (of a person or animal) having a large amount of excess flesh.

Hi. My name is Maggie, and I’m a fat person. No, I’m not a self-loathing, angry woman who thinks all skinny girls are the devil spawn of satan, thank you very much. What I am, is a cubicle dwelling, shy girl with a healthy love for all things chocolate and deep fried. Yeah, I know I should put down the brownie and pick up a celery stalk but where is the fun in that? My best friend Polly assures me that the club we’re going to tonight is going to be loads of fun, but I’m not sure. Until I meet him.

/aekwe fo bic/
1. abnormally afraid of water

Yes, Yes. Laugh it up. A 30 year old sexually Dominant male, who owns his own club, is scared of water. If you’d been through what I had as a child you’d be fucking terrified of it too. I’ve always looked for Mrs. Right now, preferring to fling myself from a moving airplane into the Atlantic than to think about settling down. Until she comes walking into Newcomers night at my club.

1. the complex emotional or psychological interaction between two people.

This is Jackson’s world, not mine, but he’s slowly dragging me under, introducing me to things I don’t fully understand, but want to learn. There is something between us. We can’t fight it and we’re both sinking.

 Review by: Jennifer

(5 Stars)

HOLY CRAP!!!  What did this author just do??? OK  lets start with this is my first read by Shannon Youngblood, and I can tell you this will not be my last; after I write this review I'm gonna go hunt to see what else she has out. This is a BDSM story and done very very tasteful while at the same time hot as heck and informative for those that may not have read BDSM before.

Maggie is about to venture out of her comfort zone... by like miles. She is going with her bestie to  a club, not just any club "The Hunt" a BDSM club. When she enters into the world of the unknown she encounters Jackson, the owner, who ends up turning her world upside down, the only issue is she is in danger and has no clue who or why. 

Jackson is bored, the subs are all the same, the nights are all the same, he isn't even excited about this anymore. Until he spies in the security camera Maggie, who is like a breath of fresh air. Can he get her to give him a chance?

This was an amazing read...the author and I have to have  a talk about the ending! I am in ... shock at this. I do give this 5 stars.

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 Author Bio

Shannon Youngblood is a thirty something, foul mouthed, erotic romance writer, who loves telling a story full of broken pieces, and broken people. There is no subject too graphic, or too taboo, to grace the pages of her stories. Shannon believes that life is not always Happily Ever Afters and Flowers, and sometimes her stories might reflect that. (Non HEA's OH NO!) Shannon loves hearing from her amazing, dirty minded fans as well! Be sure to follow her on her social media sites!

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