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Release Tour & REVIEW***Gasping for Air by TS McKinney***

Title: Gasping for Air
Series: Game Day #2
Author: TS McKinney
Genre: M/M Romance
Release Date: April 20, 2017

How far will Trystan go to win the heart of the man he loves? All the way.

Trystan Matherly is conceited, arrogant, and rich. He has plenty of money, athletic ability, and gorgeous looks to keep the men forming a long line just to be with him. Choosing his next lover has been as simple as down-selecting to the hottest candidate.

Until Dakota.

With his sad eyes, full lips, and perfectly sculpted swimmer’s body, Dakota is just the kind of lover Trystan wants. After only one look, he knows he has to have him. Too bad Dakota seems to be totally oblivious to all his charms.

Dakota Jacobson is lonely, tired, and depressed. He’s at Alabama Temple to complete his degree, not to put up with idiots. He works diligently to be as invisible as possible. He doesn’t need friends and he sure doesn’t need lovers…especially not football titans that think they rule the world. Nope; been there, done that.

Until Trystan.

With his sexy eyes, arrogant smirk, and muscled physique, Trystan is just the kind of lover Dakota never intends to have…again. Too bad Trystan refuses to allow him to be invisible.

Review by: Jennifer
(3.75 Stars)
So when we last saw Tank at the end of Touchdown, which is book one of this series, he was lusting and LOL "admiring from a distance" after one of the guys on the swim team. Tank just needs to get him to a) notice him b) fall for his charm and c) agree to be his love slave. But just getting Dakota to notice him is becoming a bigger problem than Tank would have thought it would be. 

Dakota keeps his head down, and goes about his business. The less people notice him the better, are his thoughts. So why is Tank trying to get his attention? What could he possibly want with Dakota? When early morning coffee and breakfast surprises don't end up working in Tank's favor, he has to figure something out, he just doesn't count on that being him saving Dakota's life. Can he use this to his advantage? Was this an accident or are they going to find out this was on purpose? Will Dakota ever open up to Tank more or will this whole thing just be a waste of time for Tank?

This felt like it took me years to finish, there was so much going on, and so much detail (almost too much) some really slow bits that probably should have been cut and even some of the sexy time scenes seem to drag on and on. Now, that's not to say this was all boring, just some of it was not needed and would have probably kept my attention better. There is some major drama going on in this story, a bit of violence, some really funny bits, and lots of sexy time (some of it made sense and others didn't). Now, I'm not taking any of the editing issues into account when I score this, but it was soo freaking distracting that I really hope the final version is formatted and edited a lot better. I do give this 3.75 stars, all in all it was a good plot and the characters were amazing and I always love to see the previous characters from book one.

T.S. McKinney lives in East Tennessee with her high school sweetheart/husband and all the countless dogs she picks up from deserted country roads. Her professional career has been in business but her heart has always belonged to the fantasy world found in books.
Creating wicked worlds where one can meet the perfect hero – and then do anything to him that you want – has been a hobby that has brought her plenty of hours of fun and naughty entertainment. When not working, reading, or writing, she loves to spend time with my family and forcing them (because they don’t really have another choice) to allow me to redecorate their houses…and listen to my naughty…sometimes sadistic stories.


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