Friday, 10 August 2018

Blog Tour ***Wilde About Brant by Cate Faircloth***

As an entertainment lawyer to LA's finest musicians, I manage the arrogant, protect their interests and pander to all likes of the rich, somewhat talented, and famous.

I have never wanted anything out of the ordinary until musician Brant Wilde waltzes in with careless charm and secrets to hide.

He is a dangerous combination of sweet and charming despite being secretive, persuasive, and reckless. He's equipped with an irresistible smile and even sweeter voice—the kind that rocks arenas to their feet.

He wants me. I want him.

Brant Wilde is a man who always gets what he wants.

But clients are strictly off limits, and I’ve never broken a rule. Never even touched one. I have people depending on me, and I can’t lose my job.

Problem is… when Brant Wilde looks at me, he sets my soul on fire. He touches me like his soul is about to change too.

**Wilde About Brant is Book Two of the explosive new series - The Wilde Brothers. Each Book is a full length, stand-alone romance with a happily ever after and no cliffhanger!**


I almost didn’t let Cora get into her car, she seemed half asleep. But I couldn’t convince her or myself that I could keep my hands off her for the rest of the night. Not that I wanted to anyway.
Cora kept my head spinning long after she left, and my house was empty again. It just seemed like the place felt different when she was here, something I couldn’t place yet. Once I cleaned up the living room and outside, it was too late to do anything else. I was tired enough to go to sleep, but instead, I decided to distract my mind from going elsewhere by writing down some of my thoughts.
My head has been swarming with them since I saw Cora the first time. It isn’t just how beautiful she is. God, is she beautiful, so striking and damn near glowing. I want to say it’s because I haven’t thought of writing a song about a girl since high school, but I’m way too old for simple thoughts like that.
She is the first thing I’ve fixated on since the tour and I got clean. My old therapist would say it isn’t wise to place that kind of control in another person, and while she may be right, it’s way too late. I’m filling in pages of my notepad already putting my feelings into words. It is mostly scribble. Even I can’t understand it, let alone anyone else. I have always written my own songs and had little input from anyone on my team. The music composition I do myself too. If I were to make any of these into songs to release, then I wouldn’t let anyone touch them.
I can only keep myself so busy for so long. Maybe I shouldn’t have had any alcohol at all because all I want to do now is finish a bottle of vodka instead of a bottle of wine. Alcohol was never my vice. Drugs… I was a walking stereotype on my last tour. Taking something at least every other hour and even more before I had a show. I met the wrong people and was in a bad place after my dad died. When I decided to get help, no one judged me for it. My executive assistant was the only one who knew, and she kept it out of the media despite the prying questions. I could never tell her how thankful I was for her help.
But now, I’m reluctant to tell her what I’m even thinking right now. She would have me back in AA with another sponsor so fast my head would spin. That’s why she didn’t really bat an eye when I told her I wasn’t going on tour right away, and that I needed this time off.

I have been a romantic all my life; in books, movies, television, and anything that brings happiness into the world. Though I love reading and avoiding daily responsibilities, I am also an undergraduate at the University of Iowa, a flag ship university for writing and creative freedom. I love connecting with all my readers, and sharing the stories that dance around in my head.

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