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Release Blitz & REVIEW ***Blackwood by Pia Foxhall***

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Length: 93,000 words approx.

Cover Design: Tiferet Design


In a world that is still getting used to shifters, where everyone thinks omegas are second class citizens, nature photographer and omega Braden Payne lets everyone think he’s a beta. That way no one gives him a hard time and he doesn’t have to live a repeat of his failed relationship. But when his car breaks down in the remote Blackwood forest in Western Australia, without the medication that lets him hide who he is, he’s faced with what he fears most: an unmated alpha.

Government forest guardian and alpha Coll MacDubhar is tired of illegal loggers, foolish tourists and people who underestimate the wilds of Western Australia. He discovers Braden lost and in need of medical assistance in the forest he protects and knows something’s not right.

But there’s hidden depths to Braden that capture his interest, and no decent alpha would walk away when Braden’s unwelcome past comes to visit.


Review by: Jennifer

(4 Stars)

A new take on a world of shifters, this was such a sweet read. When Braden's car breaks down out in the wild, he ends up stuck. For the most part he is prepared for this, but he doesn't have enough of his suppression meds for him to stay out there too long. Without the meds, Braden starts to go into heat, something that he has avoided for years. When Coll comes upon Braden, he is already in a bad way but Braden maintains that he does not want to go to the hospital. So, Coll takes him to his house, but the more he learns about Braden the more Coll wants to help him. Braden's lack of trust and the fear that cripples him from past events means that Coll has to go at this as slow as possible. Can someone that is so broken learn to trust again?

I found this to be a very sweet slow burn type of read. The story that plays out, is a bit sad actually and at time kind of breaks your heart. With drama, some intense naughty times, and a bit of violence, I give this 4 stars.

Author Bio

Pia Foxhall is a queer, nonbinary and disabled Australian author who lives in the most isolated major city in the world – Perth, Western Australia – with two rescue cats. Much of their time writing is spent working on the Patreon-supported Fae Tales serial, a dark fantasy BDSM erotica epic that has been in production for many years. They’ve always been fascinated with all types of trauma recovery stories, and they like their character’s comfort to be earned, and the growth to feel real, and need a happy ending after that trauma recovery!

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