Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Release Blitz & REVIEW *** The Bet by D.K. Combs***


Title: The Bet
Series: Carnal Bets #1
Author: D.K. Combs
Genre: erotic contemporary romance



Make her orgasm, right there in the theater. This was the bet that started the end, the bet that changed his life. Catfished and stuck with a sleezeball for a date, Bristol is miserable and angry. Screw Tinder and swiping right, she just wanted a quick one night stand. With a fake as her date, she doesn't expect the night to end on a good note...until she sees him. When her eyes land on the dark, sinfully handsome man at the concession stand of the movie theater, she's unprepared when he sits right next to her. Every bet has a price; it's just a matter of how far you're willing to go. Noah never would have guessed that the haughty, condescending woman he saw at the concession line would turn out to be a fireball of lust and desperation. Getting her to climax in the middle of a movie? No problem. Getting her out of his head afterward? Definitely a problem.


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Sneak peek

“I was supposed to be a gentleman tonight.” He dropped his forehead to her thigh, gently nipping the skin there. He could pull back, but something...told him not to. “You are,” she murmured, her voice nothing but a breath of excited air. “But I’m a lady in distress.” Meaning, /take her/.


Review by: Jennifer

(3.5 Stars)
When Bristol ends up being catfished and is suffering through a movie date with Creepy McCreeperson, she doesn't feel bad that she is now suddenly lusting after the stranger that sat down next to her. She doesn't know that Noah sat down next to her as part of the bet, and there's more to the bet, its just getting her to become an active participant... which shouldn't be too hard with her date being a creep.

But what happens when another bet is placed? When Noah gets Bristol to open up and he learns more about her and that she isn't this icy stuck up chick, will he still go through with the bet? What happens when Bristol finds out just what the bet is?

The first half of this story was boring, it took me 3 or 4 tries to get half way, once I got to a certain point it flowed a bit better for me. Drama, sexy times, a little bit of violence and some miscommunication make up this story, I give this 3.5 stars.


Author bio

D.K. Combs is an author of erotica, historical, paranormal, and contemporary romance. She's surrounded by the Great Lakes with her supportive husband, son, and of course, her German Shepherd. Combs began writing long before the exposition of her most famous title to date, The Highlander's Touch. Writing has always been her passion and creating creatures with no true name and the women that fall for them is what she considers a great way to live. When not writing, Combs is reading. Her idea of heaven is a whole day of nothing and well... maybe a good cup of Joe.

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