Friday, 3 March 2017

Release Blitz & REVIEW ***Naughty Doctor by Maddie King***

Title: Naughty Doctor
Author: Maddie King
Genre: Erotic Novella
Release Date: February 18, 2017
I’ve wanted her ever since I laid eyes on her in the coffee shop that day.

She’s got the perfect ass, the prettiest smile…and did I mention her ass?

But knowing she’s my patient now should make me steer clear.

I could lose my job, but who the hell am I kidding?

She’s a sexy woman and I want her.
All of her.
I will make her mine in every way and she’ll be glad I did.
She won’t be able to resist me after what I do to her body.
Who says doctors can’t have fun too?
**FYI: Naughty Doctor is exactly what the title says - NAUGHTY! If you’re ready to meet an alpha doctor that likes to take risks and have a little fun, get this quickie. Go on! The doctor is waiting. ;) **


Review by: Jennifer

(5 Stars)

Zoe is a bit paranoid, but you can't really blame her, cancer is a serious thing. To make sure she doesn't get it like her mother did, she goes to the doctor every two months or when she thinks there is something wrong. Well this visit turns out to go a little different, the sexy guy that she saw at the coffee shop last month and had a little "moment" with, he happens to be her new doctor. Zoe isn't sure about letting him get to close to the parts that tingle when he is near. What happens when Dr. Costello sees the evidence of her desires? Will he take it a step too far?

Holy hotness batman!!! This was such a hot story!  The taboo of the doctor and his patient, made this story super hot. I can't really get into too much detail, I will say there is a side of drama to go with all the sexy times. I really could have read more, I wish there was more! I give this 5 stars.

Maddie King is an everyday family woman, but when the night comes, she's an undercover freak writing naughty stories with feisty heroines and sexy, irresistible alpha males. All of her books are HEA guaranteed.


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