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Release Tour & REVIEW ***Love On The Mat by Winter Travers***

Title: Love on the Mat
Series: Powerhouse M.A. Series Book Two
Author: Winter Travers
Genre: Contemporary Sports Romance
Release Date: May 29, 2017
Cover Model: Mike Welch
Photographer: David Gaustad Photography Cover Designer: MGBookCovers

Life isn’t fair.
Hadley James learned early on in life the easy path was not in her future, and the past six months have been a testament to that. Losing her sister and getting guardianship of her nephew have knocked her world off its axis with no one there to help.
She takes the only job she can find to pay the bills, but it doesn’t exactly make her feel like the motherly type. Slinging cocktails ‘til two o’clock in the morning, then waking up four hours later to get her nephew out the door, leaves little time for anything but work and sleep.
Struggling to find a way to make ends meet, all Hadley wishes for is a normal life for her nephew, and a full night’s sleep for herself.
Is that really too much for a girl to ask for?


Life is damn good.
Tate Holten co-owns a successful karate studio, has a gorgeous house, a brand new car, and the freedom to do whatever he wants, whenever he wants. Life couldn’t have dealt him a better hand.
Although, spending most of his time at Powerhouse leaves Tate with little social life, and lately, he’s been looking for something different.
Something or someone to share his life with seems to be the only thing he can’t have.
Constantly searching for that one special thing leads Tate to Hadley, and he instantly knows she’s what he has been looking for.

Tate just wants to save Hadley and give her everything she needs, but Hadley isn’t looking for a handout from some stranger who watches her every night. Creepy much?
Tate is faced with his biggest challenge yet of convincing Hadley he isn’t some creeper looking to land in her bed for one night. But will Hadley give him the chance, or will Tate have to take love to the mat to prove to Hadley he’s just what she needs?


Review by: Melanie

(4.5 Stars)

When Tate goes for a night out to the Sultry Knights strip club with Roman; one of the four owners of the Powerhouse studio, he himself is a co-owner of, he spies a pretty waitress, but due to Roman’s drunken antics he doesn’t get chance to speak to her.  When he next goes to the club he finally gets chance to speak to Hadley and he knows right from the off, that there is something about her that makes him want her.
Hadley is barely making it, living payday to payday. She’s recently become guardian to her 16 year old nephew, Ryker, meaning her life has dramatically changed, leading her to get the job at the club as the pay is better than what anyone else is willing to pay someone who only has her GED. Unfortunately, her lack of funds though mean that she can’t afford to pay for Ryker to have the karate lessons he loves. Yet another thing to make her feel like she is failing at every turn. When she meets the hottie at the club though, things might be looking up for her finally. When she discovers that Tate is one of the Masters at Ryker’s beloved Powerhouse, will she allow herself the risk of being with him, when the possibility of it not working out could make things harder for Ryker? 
These two had some good chemistry going on. Hot sexy times, some sweet moments, and of course a little bit of drama, mainly caused by Hadley’s stubbornness. We got to see some more of Molly and Sage, and those two ladies are pretty funny when they get together and alcohol is involved. Maybe not quite Meg and Cyn (from the Devil’s Knights series) funny but not far off. Speaking of which, the strip club name may sound familiar seeing as a certain MC own the club.

I enjoyed this instalment in the Powerhouse M.A. series and I’m looking forward to the next one, I’m hoping for it be about Roman, so we will see. I give Love on the Mat 4.5 stars.

Winter Travers is a devoted wife, mother, and aunt turned author who was born and raised in Wisconsin. After a brief stint in South Carolina following her heart to chase the man who is now her hubby, they retreated back up North to the changing seasons, and the place they now call home.
Winter spends her days writing happily ever afters, and her nights zipping around on her forklift at work. She also has an addiction to anything MC related, her dog Thunder, and Mexican food! (Tamales!)
Winter loves to stay connected with her readers. Don’t hesitate to reach out and contact her.


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