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REVIEW - Outlaw's Obsession: Grizzlies MC Romance (Outlaw Love) by Nicole Snow

Released: March 16th 2015 


Hell always screams into my life on two wheels - so why the hell does he look like heaven? Rabid's nothing like the other vicious thugs in the Grizzlies Motorcycle Club. When I see the dark ink dancing on his stunning body, I almost believe he's here to save me, instead of just seduce me.

But I won't be fooled again. All the club brings is ruin, and they're back to give me more.

Sure, Rabid saved me once. Doesn't mean I'll get closer and dig my grave deeper, no matter how nice his rough hands would feel locked around my waist. Angels never kiss like devils, right?


I can't get her outta my skull. My brothers say she's like broken glass, but they don't know she's already lodged in my heart.

She's tense, suspicious, and totally scared. I'm gonna find out why. Secrets don't mean a damned thing if she's in danger.

Christa's mine. I don't care if my patch makes her flip, or even if she keeps breathing fire my way every second we're together. I'm the best thing that ever walked into her life, and I'm not walking out.

I'll bleed rivers to get my brand on this woman. She's gonna wear it and get used to calling me her old man. I'll have my lips all over this redhead knockout if it's the last thing I do...

The Outlaw Love books are stand alone romance novels featuring unique lovers and happy endings. No cliffhangers! This is Rabid and Christa's story in the Grizzlies MC series.
Review by : Melanie

(4.5 stars)

I really enjoyed Outlaw's Obsession.

Christa is likeable from the start, she's struggling for money thanks to some bad decisions a few years earlier and struggling with confidence after being scarred for life by the events of Outlaw's Kiss. Both issues affected and/or caused by the Grizzlies MC. That's part of the reason she is so against the attention she is getting from Rabid, a full patch member of said Motorcycle Club.

Rabid is a tough as nails biker. He talks dirty and fights dirtier, but he'll protect you with his life if he loves you. He's been enamoured by Christa since book one and in Outlaw's Obsession, he makes sure she and everyone else knows she's his, even though back stabbing brothers, evil club whores and even themselves make it a bumpy ride to get there. But he will not stop until she's on the back of his bike and wearing his brand.

A great read. I'd suggest reading Outlaw's Kiss first to get the background, but not doing so won't affect the enjoyable or flow of this book.

Nicole Snow

Nicole Snow

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