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Blog Tour & REVIEW ***Devoted by Kira Johns***

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Satan’s Rebels MC Book 5
Kira Johns

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RELEASE DATE: 03.26.16

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“There are two types of pain in this world – the pain that hurts you and the pain that changes you.”
I chose to walk down a dark path in life believing I was the one in control. I was wrong. Overcoming my addiction was just the first step in my recovery. The club gave me a reason to continue the climb, but it was meeting Bella that gave me a purpose. I never meant to fall for Bella, but loving her was too easy. She completes me in a way I never thought possible.
“The dark is unending. There are always demons lurking in the shadows.”
Forgetting the past is never an option, especially when facing it terrifies you. I thought I’d never be able to move on, until I met him. Blake Andrews didn’t just save me, he showed me what true love was all about.
“With pain comes strength. With strength comes peace.”
Fate brought Blake and Bella together, but it takes more than just love to forge a bond that will last a lifetime. It takes someone completely… DEVOTED.

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  Standing just inside the doorway, I stare at the scene playing out in front of me. It’s reminiscent of a movie, seemingly out of this world, yet I know this is real life. I’ve never been one to cringe at the sight of blood. In fact, it’s always intrigued me. Watching as the dark red fluid slowly oozes from the open wound until a pool of opaque wetness forms around it. It’s in that moment that it becomes almost mystical, when the perfectly formed droplets seem to cry, the streams branching off into trails of crimson red. The warmth it eludes, the sticky sweet texture, and the feeling of instant gratification have always mesmerized me, but then again, I’ve always been the odd man out. I would’ve made the perfect cutter. The release I feel at the sight of the very first drop is immeasurable, yet I have never even contemplated doing it. It lacks the spontaneity I’ve always desired in my need for the unexpected. “You wanted to see the dark? Well here it is.” My father’s voice brings me back to the present, reaffirming that this is not a dream.   


Review by: Melanie

(4.5 Stars)

he first next generation novel from the Satan's Rebels MC. Here we get the story of Blake (son of Viper and Jade) and Bella, who if you're up to date with the series will remember from book 4: Damaged.

Blake has struggled with addiction for a while and after a harsh eye opening from his mother he tries to sort his life out. Bella made it through a year nightmares are made of and is now living at the Satan's Rebels clubhouse. Once Blake lays eyes on Bella, his future, in his mind, is decided and the story revolves around Blake trying to get his and Bella's lives on track individually, and if he has his way, together.

I really enjoyed getting to see Blake becoming a man. He was about to graduate high school when this story starts and we see him really come into his own, and by his actions you can tell he is definitely Viper junior. I think Kira did well to write the strong, protective side of him as well as the teenaged, rebellious side.

There were a few twists and turns in this one, and I really hope a certain issue has a happy ending. I really can't wait for Book 6, which will be Bethany's story, and I hope the wait for it isn't a long one.
I give Devoted 4.5 stars.


Kira Johns was born and raised in the southeastern US, where she works during the day as a paralegal in the criminal defense field. When she's not working or writing, Kira spends her free with her husband, children and pets. She enjoys spending time outdoors, whether on a boat or on the back of a bike. Kira, her husband and children are all avid competition shooters.
She is also a huge supporter of Feathered Friends Forever, the Nation's Largest Non-Profit Tropical Parrot Rescue and Sanctuary located in Harlem, GA. Not only does Kira donate a portion of all her sales to this worthy organization, she also dedicates her time to helping the many birds at the facility. The Satan's Rebels MC Series was the beginning of Kira's venture into writing. Destroyed, the first novella in the series, was released in August 2014. Destined, Book 2 in the series was released in September 2014, with Deserved, Book 3, having been released in October 2014. Damaged, Book 4 in the series, was released in February 2015, and was strictly written for the die hard fans of the Satan's Rebels Series that requested it.


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Destroyed (Book 1)

Destined (Book 2)

Deserved (Book 3)

Damaged (Book 4)

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