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Series Spotlight inc REVIEWS***Satan's Savages MC Series by K.E. Osborn***

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Satan's Savages MC Series

by K.E. Osborn

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Meet the Characters
Meet the Characters 
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Heart of Steel (Satan's Savages MC, #1)

Heart of Steel ebook
My name is Steel.
A Marauder Japanese Steel Knife is my weapon of choice.
I'm a hard-core, callous, biker in the Satan's Savages MC.
I wasn't meant to fall for someone like her.

My name is Willow.
I'm a kindergarten teacher.
I'm kind and gentle, but I'm sick of living the simple life.
I need something different.

She is sassy.
He is cocky.
They are drawn together by fate.
But together they could lose it all.

Willow isn't meant for my world. So when she's thrust into it, can she accept who I am? Will my brothers welcome her as a part of the brotherhood? Or will I have to protect her from the brothers I've grown to love?

Can Willow penetrate my heart of steel?

This MC novel contains crude language, sex scenes, and graphic violence. It is not suitable for readers under the age of 18. If any of the above offends you, please do not read this book. This is a complete work of fiction and is not a true representation of a motorcycle club. It is for entertainment purposes only.

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Review by: Melanie
(4.5 stars)
My first read from K.E. Osborn and I liked it. Told from the POV of Steel, the VP of the Satan's Savages MC based in Adelaide, Australia, and Willow, the beautiful, red headed, day care teacher that he comes across one day.

This wasn't just a romance. There is quite a bit of club stuff going on too, which while the club stuff itself wasn't nice, lol, it was nice that it wasn't just all about the couple. We got to meet some of the other MC members and hear about some of the enemies to the club. Even meeting one of the club girls; Lunar, who seems like she may get a story at some point, whether it's hers or though a spin off of some kind.

There was quite a lot that happened in this book, I can't really say what any of it was without spoiling it, but It was all relevant, it was written well I think; I was never lost anyway which is a good start, and there is even a twist thrown in at the end too.

Overall, I enjoyed it. I honestly can't think of a bit I didn't like, well maybe a certain person but there has to be a bad guy to hate right? I give Heart of Steel 4.5 stars.
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Ignite the Flame (Satan's Savages MC, #2)  

Ignite the Flame ebook Cover
My name is Willow AKA Flame.
I'm on the run with my biker boyfriend.
I'm running from his Satan's Savages MC brothers.
How did my life come to this?

My name is Steel.
I will protect her with my life.
But two weeks on the road is long enough.
I need to find her somewhere to hide—a sanctuary—where she will be safe.

She is scared.
He is desperate.
They are running for her life.
Can a helping hand bring a new home?

Running from what scares Willow most, leads them both on a different path, to another life they didn't know existed. A brotherhood that's there willing to protect and provide sanctuary. But will the brothers they left behind follow them to their new haven?

Can Steel continue to ignite the Flame?
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Ignite The Flame jacket
Review by: Melanie
(4 stars)
So a nice short look into the continuing story of Steel and Willow. Taking her on the run to protect her from his brother Chop, Steel takes Willow to the Aldinga chapter for the foreseeable future to keep her safe and start their life together. I have to say though, I was a little surprised that Chop wasn't just "dealt with".

I enjoyed this, I thought all the new characters were great and I'm hoping maybe Amelia gets a chance to go for her happy ending. It was funny seeing the bad boy bikers, welcoming in a teacup pig called Petunia to be the club pet. Awesome!

I know the next book goes back to Virginia, but I hope future books will revisit Aldinga and we get to see what happens with Willow's situation. For me, I'm kinda hoping Chop gets the Chop, lol. Sorry, bad joke there. Ignite the Flame gets 4 stars from me.
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Stung by Stealth (Satan's Savages MC, #3) 

Releasing April 18th!

Stung by Stealth
My name is Stealth.
A man torn in two opposing directions.
I'm an undercover cop infiltrating the Satan's Savages MC.

My name is Skye.
I'm a club girl.
This is the life I know, but I long for something simpler.

My name is Hannah.
I am alone.
The wife of a man who is never here, a ghost in the wind.

Going undercover forced Stealth and Hannah into a separation. Their marriage left in tatters. Throwing himself into his new identity as Stealth - bad boy biker of the Satan's Savages MC club - plunged him straight into the arms of club girl, Skye.

But with the Cartel on the club's back and danger at every turn, can Stealth truly turn on the brothers he loves. Will he give his
Unit the intel they need, putting his career before his brothers?

Will it be the club, Skye, or Hannah, who is Stung by Stealth?

This MC novel contains crude language, sex scenes, and graphic violence. It is not suitable for readers under the age of 18. If any of the above offends you, please do not read any further. This is a complete work of fiction and is not a true representation of a motorcycle club. It is for entertainment purposes only. I hope you enjoy.

This book is a work of fiction. Names and characters are the product of the author’s imagination and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead is entirely coincidental.
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SBS jacket
Review by: Melanie
(4.25 stars)
Book three in the Satan's Savages is based around Adam "Stealth" Malone/Donovan. Working undercover, he's a cop that infiltrated the club and his mission is to take down the club... every last one of them. The only problem is that he likes them. He feels like he belongs, he fits and like he's a real member of the brotherhood meaning his lines are getting blurred. Does he report in to his bosses, and take Mad Dog and the MC down? or does he find a way to get the club out of the crosshairs of the police, and become Stealth for real?

None of these decisions are helped by the fact that there are two women in his life who mean something to him. Club girl Skye, who has been nothing but a friend to him so far, and his wife Hannah, mother to his three children who he separated from due to his ongoing undercover work. Throw in the ongoing breakdown of Mad Dog; the MC President, the constant nagging of his undercover partner to "do his job" and just the biker life itself, and I'm surprised "Stealth" was still sane at times.

Now for me. I really enjoyed the first two books. They were quite fast paced, and the story was just fun and exciting. This one though, while the second half of the book really picked up and it was action, action, action to the end, the first half took me quite a while to get into. I get it, the guy is undercover, he's married even though she kicked him out and they are separated, and so he doesn't want to "use" the club girls on offer to him, but I eventually found myself skim reading the sexy time parts to get back to the good bits.

As I said though, once it hit about the 50% mark, I was all in. There were twists, there were turns, there was drama, humour, action, some sexy time and that ending!... I was not expecting that at all. So although this wasn't quite up there with book one for me, I did still enjoy it. I will definitely be reading book four as I want to know what happens next, and I give Stung by Stealth 4.25 stars. It's not quite as good as book 1 but it's better than a 4 is the best way I can explain my rating.

Skye glides down the hall and spots me.
“Hey handsome, you okay?” 
Sighing, I shake my head. “Nope.”
She frowns and grabs my hands facing me. “What’s wrong?” 
I don’t even know where to start. How about—I’m infiltrating your clubhouse, and I have to take down the brother’s I’ve grown to love. I miss my kids and wife, and yet somehow I feel like I’m falling for you too, which is only making things harder. I don’t want to betray anyone and yet I feel like, in the end, I’m going to betray everyone. Yeah, how do I explain that?
“I miss my kids,” I choose to tell her instead. 
She nods and presses her forehead against mine. “I’m sorry. Is there anything I can do?” 
I shrug. “Make my kids appear out of thin air?” 
She giggles and nods. “Your wish is my command.” 
The bathroom door opens and Jackson walks out. “I’m here.” 
Skye backs up and her mouth drops open. “Please tell me that’s not one of yours? ‘Cause if it is, I swear to God I didn’t conjure him up.” 
Throwing my head back laughing at the sheer awesome timing of that, I shake my head. “No gorgeous, this is Jackson. He’s Nikita’s kid. I’m watching him for her while she talks to Lookout.” 
She slumps her body and nods taking a deep breath. “Oh thank God, ‘cause I thought for a second there that I was doing something I didn’t know I could. You know, super-powers and all that.” 
Smiling, I pull her to me and kiss her forehead. “God you’re cute. No, that was just impeccable timing.” 
“So I get the whole missing your kids thing now. When you’re finished babysitting, if you want to talk I’m here. I’m always here.” 
Smiling at her, I nod. “Thank you, that means a lot.”
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Coming Soon 

Meltdown of Mad Dog (Satan's Savages MC, #4) 

Releasing May 18th!

Meltdown of Mad Dog 
My name is Mad Dog.
I’m the President of the Virginia Satan’s Savages MC.
I’m a man with nothing left to fight for.

My name is Amelia.
My life’s a mess.
All because of my ex-husband and his Goddamned MC Club.

In the early days, Mad Dog and Amelia were undeniably happy. Their life in the club together, along with their three young boys, was bliss. That was until one fateful night their world turned upside down. Having their lives torn apart pulled them in opposite directions.

Mad Dog is trying to run a club that’s failing miserably, and all he can think of is the family he once had and lost. With the club irreparably broken—his family gone, his brothers turning on him—Mad Dog is losing track of everything, and running the club in a direction no one saw coming. The Cartel is on his back, and he wants war. But will the war only lead him down the path to the inevitable? A Meltdown of Mad Dog?
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about the author
K.E. Osborn
Australian author K E Osborn was born and raised in Adelaide, South Australia. With a background in graphic design and a flair for all things creative, she felt compelled to write the story brewing in her mind.
Writing gives her life purpose. It makes her feel, laugh, cry, and get completely enveloped with the characters and their story lines. She feels completely at home when writing and wouldn't consider doing anything else.
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